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Hackers How to Hide
Konu : Hackers How to Hide - 29.06.2015, 10:47
Mesaj: #1
Hackers How to Hide
This Counterattack of various attack scenarios through simulations by examining technical platform event horizon video is the first in a series of blog posts. Today's attackers are highly focused and much more stable than the five-year pirates, even 12 months ago, are motivated by. Intellectual property, financial data or personal information - although some still seeking targets of opportunity, or just looking to increase the capacity to access the botnet machines to overtake, the majority of today's attackers in the pursuit of something very special. Whatever the motivation, I know a thing or two about sophisticated hackers know how to hide their tracks. This future by analyzing the past events of break-ins to help to stop an attack "looks like" makes it increasingly more difficult for organizations that are focused on trying to understand. However, many companies are still just that system logs (syslogs) to rely on. Syslogs user activity and provide information about the activities of the machine, including the date. On Linux systems, for example bash_history file (including root, there is a file for each user) maintains a list of all commands that are executed by a specific user. By analyzing Syslog, security personnel, and can detect malicious or suspicious activity in the event the response and / or forensic investigation if necessary call. But what happens if the file is empty and will not operate syslog questionable bash_history? If nothing is detected, often times, business as usual continues. But action by disabling the logging capabilities of the pirate, as well as his work can continue. This short video is captured by our event horizon, consider the example of the virtual machine..
Continued in Part Two

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Konu : Hackers How to Hide - 30.06.2015, 01:44
Mesaj: #2
Kopyala yapıştır yapıyorsun bari emeğini hakkını ver, Türkçeye çevir çeviremiyorsan oku anla özet geç onuda yapamıyorsan burayı terk et D

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